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The Coral - Bill McCai
Written by Ian Todd   
29 10 2004
ImageThe Coral's undying appeal marches on in this, their latest single from critically acclaimed second album ‘Magic and Medicine'. This is classic Coral, a bizarre concept only two albums and two years into a band's career, but one that nevertheless accurately describes the Liverpool psychedelians' current recorded offering. With trademark lyrical honesty and melodious pirate swagger, Bill McCai captures The Coral in what many regard as their finest moment from an exceptional year of touring and recording. Produced by both the band and ex-Lightning Seed, Ian Broudie (whose undoubted influence can be heard most noticeably in the brightness of Skelly's vocals), the song deals with some tormented soul food in a typically upbeat, mesmerising, and ultimately Coral way. What's more, rumours of a secret mini-album are beginning to surface. Reports suggest it's a live studio album with a different direction to anything they've recorded so far. With no release date, no proposed title (that we know of), and frankly, no more information regarding the subject at all, we'll just have to wait and see what turns up on our doorstep. Here's hoping for Monk-rock!


Willis - Come Get Some
Written by Ian Todd   
29 10 2004
The Futureheads
Written by Martyn McFadden   
27 10 2004
The Futureheads group shotIvy house drinking, lego building, spandex wearing, Marks & Spencers shopping, purveyors of rock'n'roll.

In the past - the not so distant past at that - a North Eastern person appearing on the telly, was a monumental event. Crowds of people would flock around the television sets on display in Binns' window; traffic would come to an alert stop; streets would be deserted of children playing; electricity consumption would rocket in our part of the grid. Today however, northern-exposure is a completely different kettle of fishes. Now, seemingly, the world can't get enough of the explosive Geordie wit, and there is never an hour passes without a beaming pasty northern face popping-up with the ubiquitous salutation 'al-reet!' It seems almost passé to even notice. So whilst we're busy being cool, not noticing our recent rise to the forefront of the nation's attention, we thought we'd catch up with the most talked about band of the moment, who just happen to be one of our region's brightest gifts to the world. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Ross from The Futureheads.
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