22 02 2018

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Love and Mercy
Written by Sheila Seacroft   
24 07 2015

ImageDirected by Bill Pohlad

‘Even the happy songs sound sad,' remarks one of the Beach Boys early on in this surprising and original film about Brian Wilson. And that's the nub of those bouncy, dynamic songs of innocence, just as it's the paradox of Wilson's bland, nerdy exterior and the turmoil inside. Like a less manic I'm Not There, where Bob Dylan was represented by a wide slew of very different actors, Pohlad has chosen to present his story with two very unalike figures as the protagonist. Paul Dano is a shoo-in for Brian of the 60s, his saggy, open, not-very-bright looking face under its unflattering pudding basin haircut unnervingly recognisable. It's a face that can erupt into pure joy or form a blank mask that can't understand its own misery.

New Track: Profumo share Breton Stripes ahead of debut EP
Written by Sam Lightle   
12 06 2015
ImageTyneside's Profumo have shared the first taste of their debut EP Brutalism, by unveiling a song from it.

The tune titled, Breton Stripes is an early teaser for the upcoming record which front-man Jack Bates considers a "Pop Bourguignon".

"It's more towards the poppier end of things," he explains.

Lambert & Stamp
Written by Sheila Seacroft   
09 06 2015

ImageDirected by James D Cooper

The Sixties was a decade awash with odd alliances and curious couplings between the posh and the workers, both sides liberated from the prewar certainties of culture and class. But it produced few pairs so unlikely as the two Christophers: Lambert ( the patrician Kit) and Stamp ( a plebeian Chris). Kit was the son of Constant Lambert, eminent composer and musician, godson of American art collector Peggy Guggenheim, Oxbridge educated, gay; Chris a tugboatman's son who got a job backstage at the ballet to pull girls, and was instantly dazzled by theatrical life. Also, as it happens, brother of the more famous Terence, whose now grizzled, sharply-honed chops make a couple of appearances talking about his kid brother.

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