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Written by Martyn McFadden   
11 11 2004
Dogs Die in Hot Cars group shotOK, so Dogs Die in Hot Cars have got a mental name, they all live together in a big house in Glasgow and have recently signed to V2. We met up with Craig Macintosh (lead vocals/guitar) and Lee Worrall (bass) after the Manchester date of their recent tour, sat around getting pissed, asking them questions and calling it work.

FS: How were the Highlands dates of your tour?

Lee: To be honest, we thought no one would turn up to the gigs, then all of a sudden bus loads of these kids just rolled out of these old 1960s rickety buses, with pints of vodka and just went aagghhh! The gigs were mad, but I couldn't help thinking they'd be going crazy at anyone, they are so starved of live music up there!

One day I got chased by about 100 sheep, because we forgot to close the gate. And when I opened the front door of the house we had and I had forgot to close the fucking gate and I'm standing at the door and about 50 sheep from each side came in the house. Our manager is Welsh, so he probably had a few upstairs! I was kinda stuck in this sheep triangle.

Craig: Uist was fucking mental, it was like all the buildings on the whole island were miles apart. It's like the moon, it's really remote. It's totally barren. They've all got their own mile square mile of garden of heather and grouse and things like that and big rocks and things.

FS: How's it going with like Clive Langer and Alan McStanly? They've produced everybody (Bowie, The Smiths, Madness and Dexys Midnight Runners, etc.)

Lee: From the first day we met Clive, he kinda came in and he was quite kinda quiet. "So how's it going?" he'd say. "So what do you think of the songs?" Then, he'd bring out this little minky scrap of paper that's got these little notes on all the songs. It's like he'd sat down and thought about all the songs and went into quite a lot of detail of where he thought they could go, yer know. When we were in doing them, he'd have a lot of ideas; we'd have a lot of ideas, a lot of give and take. Alan gets all the sounds and Clive's, kinda more like ideas for the songs and that kinda stuff.

Craig: I think though, naturally as you say, they've worked with so many people they're really well respected. Alan as well, Alan's ears are probably the most valuable ears in the music industry.

FS: Craig, what's all this about you getting electrocuted?

Craig: I grabbed the mike and said 'Alright' and the microphone was live and I stuck to it. Worse it was connected, it was touching a bunch of 4 way leads and stuff with wires all over the fucking place and water was all over and they didn't have any circuit breakers. So my hands stuck to it and I couldn't fucking let go like and I got thrown back on the drum kit, thrown over onto Ruth's keyboards and went down like that. You know yer just lose time and all sort of stuff.

Lee: He was saying "Don't touch me, don't touch me" like that. So what do we do, we don't touch him, and everybody's like trying to kick it off him without touching it. I had hold of the guitar and I think he'd let go by then, as I didn't get an electric shock and he kinda bounced onto the floor and he was like, he'd like gone, he'd let go at that time, but was still kinda gone. Our manager hoisted him up and took him through to this room and he had to go to hospital.

Craig: It's funny because like, it really kinda started in my chest, it was like a vibration that started to get more tense, tense, it went into my fucking brain, my brain was tensing up, I really, honestly, truly, 100%, believe I was gonna fucking die. It was weird, because someone who's really freaked out about the whole thing of death like, but so are a lot of people, I thought "fuck I'm gonna die here," this is stupid but, oh well. It was so surreal, because it was in Dundee, so all my friends and family are standing there with white faces, kinda and no one knew what to do and it was kinda of all slow motion. But it was quite cool and quite cool rock n roll, whatever the fucking words are, but it's like the new supposedly way down to London. Our manager was getting all these calls saying commiserations, because the news was that I died. So I'd come back from the fucking dead. I'm the only guy that's come back from the dead. It was good, it was good, and it was all planned!

FS: You all live in a big house together, so who has bad habits, domestically?

Lee: Lawrence is the most forgetful, messiest, and smelliest. Gary is the noisiest when he eats. We've got Lawrence's wee brother, who stays with us as well, Lawrence the drummer, so he has basically the house to himself when we're away. And he has these student parties, so when we come back and I get in my bed its all ...

FS: Wet?

Lee: No, Covered in stuff.

FS: Ahhhhhhhh!

So there you have it, remote gigs with stories of sheep, world renowned producers, near death experiences, and sperm stained sheets. What more could you ask for in a rock and roll interviews?

Just for the record, DDIHC are:
Vocals & Guitar: Craig Macintosh
Guitar & Vocals: Gary Smith
Drums: Davey
Bass Guitar: Lee Worral
Keys & Vocals: Ruth Quigly


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