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Written by Kerry Danielson   
11 11 2004
David Kitt is an Irish Singer/Songwriter, who after two semi-successful albums, returns with the much-hyped LP, Square 1. A collection of sweet acoustic love songs, sung with a full warm voice. This record really does fill you with that happy summer vibe, yet reminds you of a cold day in front of a hearty fire. Imagine Badly Drawn Boy mixed in with James Taylor and you are there.

The album begins with the catchy single 'Me and My Love' which is probably one of the best songs on the album; this is reflected in the trend of the album as it does wear a bit thin towards the end. The sweet songs of love begin to get a little too much, especially at Dance with You, where you really do want to reach for that sick bucket.

Unfortunately, at times throughout the LP, certain points do bring the album down, where it felt as though there was something missing within the music. Despite that, until you get to that point, the drum machines, slow moving guitars, random trumpets and harmonicas, quiet acoustic moments with birds singing, does work. The music does build up to be more than the mellow sound of acoustica in breaks, but then calms down to the laid back sound of Kitt's voice.

David KittLyrically, Kitt does present detailed descriptions of an unfolding love story. At the start of production, Kitt did not originally set out to write a love album, but he fell in love, so felt the need to express his emotions through his music. So maybe, the lyrics are that of real experience; it certainly feels that way with Kitts raw, unpolished production. Showcasing his new material, and a few of his old songs, Kitt played Manchester Academy 3.

A small venue, packed full of dedicated fans provided a vibrant and loud atmosphere. The crowd were very enthusiastic and interactive with David. He obviously enjoyed this and responded, telling the crowd how he'd forgotten how cool Manchester was. Good start then. The liveliness of the audience was definitely reflected in Kitt's performance, putting every inch of his energy into his vocals and general jumping around on stage. In turn, the audience responded by dancing like fools in love.

The album sounded much better live, the choruses were more euphoric, and the live instruments certainly did Kitt and his songs justice. Kitt brought along with him a six-piece band consisting of, a drummer, bass player, acoustic guitarist, electric guitarist, keyboardist, and last but not least, a rather amusing bloke with big hair, who's addition to the band included a trumpet, harmonica, tambourine, other percussion and simply looking quite odd.

The most impressive aspect of the gig was Kitt's tendency to be spontaneous. He added extra FX via his keyboard, slowing and quickening up the pace, he scraped his electric guitar against another distressing the music and he added background beats to the slower acoustic numbers. This gave a really interesting and alternative slant on the album.

David KittKitt combined his songs with renditions of 'Ain't No Sunshine' and ended before the encore with the crowd singing '(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher'. David returned for an encore with a crowd request for an old favourite, 'Headphones', and then once again returned, to the audiences delight (and to the annoyance of the Academy staff - Kitt's set over-ran), to play another reqest, Prince's 'When Doves Cry', the B-side to 'Me and My Love'. Claiming 'he hadn't really done that song live before', he pulled it off quite well.

Overall, the gig went down a storm with the audience. It was clear these were hardcore fans from the very start, but whoever they were; Kitt whipped them up into a frenzy.


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