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EP Review: Jimi Raine - Take You Away PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sam Lightle   
24 05 2015
ImageHere is a man who is making clear strides in the music world. Jimi Raine otherwise known as the Rainemaker is hoping to become the next big star lighting up arenas across the world. 

And in his bid to become just that he's dropped an electrifying debut EP entitled, Take You Away which spans four tracks in total. 

Each track has been expertly written by Jimi who really encapsulates the true essence of rock n roll which used to be such a thriving and enlightening genre of music across the UK. But what Jimi manages to evoke are flashes from his childhood inspirations in the shape of The Clash, The Cult and Stereophonics.   

The EP's title track kicks things off with a deep lying riff that instantly gets your attention before Jimi's rough and tough attitude takes control. Make it on my own, follows on and is embedded with a sing-a-long chorus that will definitely entice fans to raise their glasses and dance to the rocking beat. 

Jimi's charisma is extremely empowering as he blurts out "I'm gonna buy a gun, yes I am" in Sold My Soul, which gives the EP a real Americana feel as the Reading artist appeals to our transatlantic cousins who've also produced some hearty rock classics. . . 

Take You Away concludes with Up to the Sun - and this brings a rather unusual yet welcome twist to Jimi's array of fine talents - as it's a soulful piano driven ballad that sees Jimi's voice that a completely different onus from the rest of the EP. 

It shows Jimi in a new light - a beautiful light - as the vocal quality of this rising star comes as a breath of fresh air. 

Rock n roll does have a future. And Jimi Raine is the future. . .


Release date: May 25, 2015
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