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25 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
23 05 2015
ImageAlas, welcome to Marching to Another Beat. An exquisite blast of flamboyant and sophisticated sounds comprised together to form the debut album from the brilliant, Malka. 

Marching to Another Beat spans 10 tracks with the energetic voice of front-women of the acclaimed, 6 Day Riot. Quite brilliantly, Tamara Schlesinger manages to deliver her voice in such an alluring way that harbours some delicate twangs that lead you to realise just why she's causing some waves in the music world right now...

Having enjoyed chart success and extensively toured the UK and North America - Tamara is now ready to drop the debut slice of her solo career and it won't disappoint, that's for sure.

The opening two tracks, Into The Night and Wrap it Up are particularly memorable for their extreme rhythmic drum beat which really characterises Tamara at her best as her delicate voice bounces effortlessly from note to note.

However, from the light and airy side of her music we experience deeper melodic tunes as the LP takes hold and begins to grow bigger and bigger. The sound of deep pop throbs through your earlobes and explodes into a million different pieces when the acoustic drum beat drops as Tamara sings "All eyes are on the prize", over and over again.

My Body (takin' over), has an eerie beginning - its slow and this is reflected in the sincere deeper lying message of honesty and exploring a sense of place. The album's lead single Let it Go follows on as the next track - the electro-alt-pop tune sways away from the earlier acoustic driven base and there's a real energy from the buzzing synths, nut Tamara's voice remains extremely pure.

Choir, like.

Burn on the Fire has a spooky feel about it. Tamara's voice doesn't flow in time with the base but this adds to the enthralling experience that's almost like an illusion. While, I've Got Nothing Wrong and Wrong Side of This Town, close the curtain on this stupendous debut LP. 

Both tracks harbour that iconic rhythm that Tamara seems to feel comfortable with - this gives her the base to be as experimental with her voice as she wants and it seems as though she's done this throughout the album.

Considering this is her debut LP - it sees Tamara push herself away from her personal confines we have been accustomed see her over the years in her previous solo career and 6 Day Riot spell. 


Release date: June 1, 2015 
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