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Written by Offord & McFadden   
11 11 2004
NME Awards 2004The night's line up was one of contrasting styles and judging by the size of the queue a greatly anticipated one at that, as the NME Awards Tour hit Newcastle with the bands in question being Franz Ferdinand, The Von Bondies, The Rapture and Funeral for a Friend.

The RaptureFirst up were Franz Ferdinand who I managed to miss, but who I'm told were the best band on the night. Typical!. However, I managed to get into the venue and have a pint in my hand in good time to watch The Von Bondies. They sound so like The White Stripes, they could be the White Stripes. Perhaps the enraged Mr White gave Jason a smack for pinching all his riffs, or it could just be that this is the sound coming out of Detroit right now. Either way, they do it well.

Franz FerdinandThe next band were a disappointment, especially as I was so looking forward to seeing them. The Rapture hail from New York and have a reputation for getting their crowds to dance. Yes, some of them did dance, though the majority stood around thinking ‘what the fuck?'. Sounding like a poor man's Cure, they would be starting a tune with some really good heart-pumping beats and combining them with some solid bass riffs, and you'd be thinking ‘this is going to be really classy'. The only problem was it never seemed to take-off. Certainly the tunes had potential, but a considerable amount of work is needed before they can claim to have a finished product.

Last up were Funeral for a Friend. This kind of Emo skater-punk they play is not my type of music, but Funeral for a Friend were certainly good at it, and proved more than a match for the previous bands seen. The crowd lapped it up as well, as the band went for it big time - playing with an energy that had you worn out just watching it.

Von BondiesAll in all it was a good night with, for me, the Von Bondies just shading it. Only on points mind, and it could well have been a different story had we forgone the rock n' roll shenanigans of the previous page and actually made it to Franz Ferdinand.

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