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18 01 2018

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Written by Connor Mullins   
26 11 2014
ImageFrom the outside, Sunderland's Dun Cow pub heralds an Edwardian-style stone carving exterior, a touch that signals a classic heritage British pub. As you step inside to the semi-circular bar, displaying its impressive array of ales, the acoustic pop and 60s tones of Hyde and Beast are playing inside the venue. The Sunderland duo are here to launch their second ale - A Dark Mistake.

"We bumped into the guys from Wylam Brewery at the Boiler Shop Steamer, a monthly event in Newcastle, and they recognised us; saying how much they liked the album and we said how much we liked beer," says drummer Neil Basset.

"They kind of came up with the idea and said ‘do you want to collaborate, get together and have a tasting session and come up with your own beer."

"The first one sold out so this is our second attempt at the beer."

Indeed, two songs from the performance included Keep Moving, which wore echoes of T-Rex, and A Dark Mistake, from the recently released second album.

Bassett, a former member of the Golden Virgins, felt the title, from the new album, was right for the taste and blend of the drink.

"We got quite excited because they said you can come for a tasting session - sounds perfect. We didn't realize that the tasting session was at half past nine in the morning; that didn't stop us! We came back and David was in bed by 1 o'clock.

"We tried the different beers that they had and then we said what we like about them and tried blends of different ones and came up that something that we would like to drink.

"It's a song on the album called A Dark Mistake. It's a dark beer and maybe, if you've had ten of them, you might make a mistake."

Frontman David Hyde is hopeful that the beer is also a success when the band hits the road In the near future.

"At the minute it's available in the Dun Cow but it's also going to end up in the Ivy House in Sunderland," says Hyde. "We have bottled versions, which we are going to be selling on tour, and when we play gigs. We've got a gig on the 20th of December at Independent and we'll be selling our bottles there."

It's fitting that the ale was blended as a result of the input of both Hyde and Beast. The two musicians work as a collective to produce music that is melodic, catchy, and full of 60s-inspired guitar licks. On this occasion, however, it's a short, stripped-back set.

"We have a live band for when we go out and play to people," says Hyde.

"This is a much smaller version of how we play live," Basset cuts in. "There's between seven and eight of us normally."

"We've actually had 16 members. The song writing actually comes down to a very small amount of people. I think if we involved everybody in the song writing, it might end up quite insane."

Keep Moving was the band's second record, released in August, and Hyde believes the album has allowed them to become a more expansive live act. 

"Both of our records, not so much the last one, but the first record is very much slow-paced," says Hyde. "Our last record is a bit more upbeat and it's helped the gig mood."

Hopefully, plans for more gigs in the New Year come to the fore, and with a mix of live music and their latest ale, Hyde and Beast are an act to look out for as they brew up a storm in the North East.

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