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Written by Offord & McFadden   
11 11 2004
Funerla for a friend group shotWe hot-footed it along to the NME gig at Northumbria Uni recently and, armed with digi and Dictaphone, we posed around back stage, hung about on Funeral for a Friend's tour bus, paid an exorbitant £3 a pint and even managed to see some music. The following is the result of a another great Floatation Suite night out.

FS: Funeral for a Friend (FFAF) on selling 60,000 LPs.

Music is all about satisfying yourself, writing music that you want to hear and not with the perception of writing it for anyone else. You write it to please yourself and if people like it, then it's great, but if we hadn't sold 60,000, then I'd still be in this band doing what we're doing now, just purely for the fact that, it's what we believe in and what I want to do.

Darren: As soon as you start writing about what you think people reckon, you've lost the plot a bit. You've got to write first and foremost for yourself and be happy with what you are doing - you can't be happy going out there and giving it your all, if you don't believe in it completely yourself.

FS: FFAF on the US and Tour Buses.

In America, the tour bus was great, nicest one we've had, with plenty of room. Some of the ones we've had, have been bad all right. We've had ones with cracked windows, condensation with the water swishing around like we were in a fucking submarine. America was cool though. It was like starting over again.

Kris: It's really refreshing going out there. It takes a lot of pressure off. There has been plenty of kind words said about us in the UK, but it almost felt like we had to put on the world's greatest performance every night. In America, it was nice to go out and be like we were at the start, just going out and playing 25 minutes without worrying. It was very challenging, as regards putting a lot more into winning over the crowd. The way things were going in this country, it was easy to get complacent and we kind of stopped putting so much into our performances here. But in America, we got a kick up the arse. We began to realise our appreciation for people in the UK, who have been into us and come to our shows. The further the tour went, the more people knew and had heard about us. People were saying about how they downloaded our tracks and it was really cool to hear people 3000 miles away, singing our songs - very strange!

FS: FFAF on supporting Iron Maiden.

A whole new learning experience for us, playing at venues averaging around 10,000 and then there was 20,000 at Earls Court, the biggest room I've ever seen. Watching and seeing how Iron Maiden control the room was great, they are the masters of the arena, it is absolutely incredible, as there isn't a single person who isn't completely engrossed in what they are doing. They just turn the arena into a club show.

Kris: We met up with them a few times and they were lovely guys. For a band that's sold 50 million records, they're so down to earth. Janick and Nicko were just the coolest guys, and Adrian, Steve and Dave were incredible. Their crew took care of us when we felt intimidated by the whole ‘playing at Earls Court' thing, but they were like ‘just be cool and go out and do your thing' and so we did. It's mad being in their presence. You see them on stage and they appear to be so big, larger than life and I can remember talking to Steve Harris. The first time we played with them, we went for food with Janick, Steve and Nicko. Steve stood up to talk to me and I was taller than him! It was like ‘fucking hell, I'm taller than Steve Harris!!

They are just normal people though.

Darren: Then on the last night we just completely turned on fan-mode and were like ‘Oh-my-God, Iron Maiden'!!

FS: FFAF on playing at a former Nazi shelter.

Yeah, it was in Poland and apparently there was big massive Nazi swastika, and they believed if they removed it, it would upset the whole structure of the place and make it almost unstable. It's quite strange going to places like Poland. The place we played had asbestos everywhere and there was buckets filled with water all over the shop from the leaking roof cos it was pissing down.

FS: FFAF on winning Best Newcomer at The Kerrang awards.

It was weird, because there were people in our team that knew we were going to win, but we honestly didn't know. We just started getting suspicious when people began hanging around and champagne was brought in.

Kris: It was just great to be sitting there thinking ‘I'm at the Kerrang awards sitting next to Metallica'. I didn't even think about winning anything, it was more like ‘what the fuck are we doing here'?


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