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25 02 2018

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Written by Connor Mullins   
10 10 2014
ImageThe added flourishes of explosive rhythm sections, keyboard riffs, haunting vocals and delay effects give ‘Unravelling' an edge that provides this LP with a captivatingly powerful feeling of success.

The record is the third full-length LP by indie-rock outfit We Were Promised Jetpacks, recorded with Paul Savage, who adds another dimension to the overall production of the album, with an increased tempo and drive, particularly on Safety in Numbers, the album opener, which encapsulates the mood of the band.

Safety in Numbers is built on a bed of synth music layered within the Scottish bands indie roots, allows the song to explode in the second half.

Peaks and Troughs displays a similar ethos; a heavy bass line, almost Joy Division-esque, while the song slowly descends to its peak of a multi-instrumental climax, again, steering clear of that big chorus for an increase in volume and musical shift.

This ethos is prevalent throughout a lot of songs, with Bright Minds encapsulating the reckless, in a brilliant way, music direction, veering with speed amongst the backdrop of a racing guitar.

The song progresses at a nice pace before the frantic Radiohead Creep-esque powerful progression soars up the fretboard, playing faster than anyone can imagine with the effect of taking us on a journey where, we're not quite sure where we are headed, but it's going to be bloody brilliant.

Then, at its end, letting the final note ring out among a backdrop of suttle, melodic notes being played, we are slowly brought back to earth from what we've just heard.

Disconnecting ventures away from this pattern, a more eerie, dark track, with haunting music and vocals sang with a seemingly echo effect, but in veering away, it gives the song a more mysterious feel, and a good change for the LP as songs are almost given their own space to breathe and come to life how they should.

The instrumental track Peace of Mind displays the band's brilliant musicianship, while the LP bows out on Ricochet, a darker song, amongst a keyboard background and pounding drumbeat. It concludes the record that, if anything, displays musical brilliance and a journey down a road away from the current mainstream chart scene.

WWPJ are a band, nevertheless that will continue to push the bar high and do things their way. 


Release date: October 6, 2014

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