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21 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
02 10 2014
ImageHaving just impressed crowds at Reading & Leeds festival, CryBabyCry made up of Johnny Firth, Rosie Doonan and Nici Todd, are now on a mission to maintain oblivious to the fickle fads and fashions of contemporary Rock and Roll, as they cast their net further back than most, and drag their chosen genre into the future...

From the word go, ‘Go Go' has just the sassy hook needed from all new bands looking to build a hefty fan base. The EP's lead-title track is filled with grooves that remind me of T Rex in his heyday... 

It's a very good single which pushes and exceeds all boundaries as the driving bass soon disperses into short intense interludes, which is maintained in ‘Jukebox'. This is a lighter hearted track - similar to that of legendary rock n rolla's The Stones, with toe tapping beats.

‘Jukebox' really shows off Rosie, who is staggeringly like a young version of Chrissie Hynde as she kicks things off before making way for Johnny who really maintains the alluring harmonies as he spells about ‘Do you want to dance with me?' It's a simple yet catchy chorus that's bound to get you singing along...

‘Oh Daddy' sees the return of the deep baselines that'll be sure to get people clapping from the word go. It harbours a certainty intensity that sees the band go to another level with dark riffs. It's more about the tune though in this track, as the lyrics and vocals seem so to get a little caught up, but nevertheless all is forgotten in the last track ‘Shine'. The hazy vocals are bliss and extremely charming before the chorus rolls around with its wholehearted tune that's filled with soul and impetuous.

All in all it's a brilliant effort from this three-piece hailing from Wakefield. ‘Go Go' spans four track which takes the true essence of rock n roll, while attempting to seek out new openings which is brave, oh so very brave...


Release date: October 27, 2014
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