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22 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
01 04 2014
ImageBand of Skulls are on a roll. Following their 2012 ‘Sweet Sour' LP, we haven't had to wait long for a follow up to that superb album. And ‘Himalayan' is a decent effort that goes very close, if not further to emulating that sensational LP.

Having plied a trade in small venues, which they've been raising the roofs in for years, this LP is arguably worthy of taking them out of those venues and into the bigger floor filling arenas to catapult these guys to the next level. 

The LP kicks off with ‘Asleep At The Wheel', which is a track that harbours a sleazy 70s riff and a thumping bass that has a catchy drum-led beat. It's tight and powerful and it's followed by the LP's title track ‘Himalayan'. This has a jangling guitar before the hazy vocals kick in and really get the blood boiling. 

But one thing I really like about Band of Skulls is their cocky swagger that gets the mind thinking about a confident bunch strutting around the stage and that thought only grows in ‘Hoochie Coochie'. It's a track which has disco esque harmonies and yet again more tangible chords. 

However, another strength I love about Band of Skulls is their diversity and their range, by throwing (not literally) Emma Richardson into the vocalist hot seat in ‘Cold Sweat'. In this track we really get a soulful blast that gives the LP an eerie edge. However, it doesn't last long as the deep lying bass-line returns in ‘Brothers and Sisters' which has a cool rhythm driven by Russell Marsden.

It's an upbeat track that has a real bounce to it and that's continued in ‘I Guess I Know You Very Well'. But after a bluesy ‘Yaatian' track it's swapped when the chorus of ‘Ten Men'. We then get a taste of Marsden's brilliance with a top notch guitar solo full of Western beauty in ‘Toreador'. ‘Heaven's Key' follows swiftly after and it's a tune with a gutsy bass that has psychedelic melodies. The LP closes with a bang in ‘Be Me'. It's a track with an emotive and simple message to be you. Its thud bass line includes excellently crafted guitar solos to leave you wanting more...

Sadly we don't get more but what we do get is the reminiscent thought that Band of Skulls has produced a third album that's equally as good as their previous, if not better. They've looked to seek out new openings and push all the boundaries touching in new areas. But one thing's for sure, they've pulled off the experimenting, now for the live version!


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