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22 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
03 09 2014
ImageLegendary British singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan is gearing up for the release of her third  LP ‘Heartleap' via FatCat on October 6 and ahead of the release she's shared a charming track entitled ‘Holy Smoke'.

It's a song which includes an array of soft tones and volumes that are delicately pulled together in this track spanning over four minutes. Bunyan's voice complements the tune perfectly with her slow drawn out choir like vocals that are graceful and extremely enchanting.

But it's her purity and directness that hits you most about Bunyan's style; simply stunning.

With ‘Heartleap' due next month, it's a well over due LP after nine years since the release of her last album ‘Lookaftering'. But as the anticipation rises we've now heard ‘Across The Water' and ‘Holy Smoke'. Listen to ‘Holy Smoke' yourself by clicking here

01 - Across The Water
02 - Holy Smoke
03 - Mother
04 - Jellyfish
05 - Shell
06 - The Boy
07 - Gunpowder
08 - Blue Shed
09 - Here
10 - Heartleap

Vashti Bunyan will also play a number of live dates in October:

07 - MAC, Birmingham
08 - St. Pancras Church, London 
09 - St. Pancras Church, London 
11 - The Band Room, Farndale
12 - St. Philip's Church, Manchester

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