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25 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
28 07 2014
ImageHoneyblood's self titled debut album is one which is inspired on intense guitars and drums that really allow for a stirring listen as the duo's soft female voices give a unique twist.

Often we become side tracked in the world of rock n roll music by legendary frontman such as Liam Gallagher whose voice allows him to belt some anthems out rather than having more of a soulful edge such as this pair, Shona McVicar and Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale.

They may describe their music as ‘crunch pop' which probably doesn't have much of a definition but it's an LP drenched in rocky elements that give the duo a sturdy base to work off and this allows their beautiful voices the chance to blossom.

The opening two tracks ‘Fall Forever' and ‘Killer Bangs' are intense as they leave nothing to be desired with sumptuous harmonies mixed in. 

‘Super Rats' is probably the first time we really experience the full diversity of their vocals - they're strong and vibrant with a slow beat while the fourth track ‘(I'd Rather Be) Anywhere But Here' seems to detail a life experience of either one of the duo. It's a passionate tune with a distinctive guitar chime as beautiful as the vocals, ‘I wish you would come back to me' and this is made clearer in ‘Biro' the enigmatic tones caressed the finer details and the variety of tempos are unique interludes. 

Image‘Bud' has more of a deep acoustic feel. There are folk-rock tones which are delicate and portrays a striking resemblances to that of Swedish group First Aid Kit. ‘Joey' is more of a pop number, it's a song about love, presumably Joey is someone either one of duo know, maybe they've had a relationship with them in the past, but it shows off the emotional side of their growing armoury.

Often with debut albums, it's a scene setting LP which helps you to round up a fan base whether that be small or large. First albums need to be right and display an array of talents which future albums can go into depth more...

Honeyblood have shown us love, passion, intensity, folk-rock and in ‘Choker' we see a more rock n roll feel with splashes of punk, the throbbing guitar sounds that opens the track is met with drowning vocals that really offer a different side to this young up and coming couplet, while ‘No Spare Key' continues similar bars in what is a 90s indie feel track.

‘Fortune Cookie'(s) are often associate with China but there are no chinese elements in this song, its a song about luck and ones that what makes us chose things and how do we know where to turn next.

As we near the end of the record ‘All Dragged Up' is an intense tight nit tune which harbours a controlled melody but a vibrant chorus when ‘Why won't you just grow up'. It's screamed almost but it matches the pace of the choppy tune. 

It's a gutsy attempt at a first record and one which you can't help but fall in love with.


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