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22 02 2018

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Written by Sam Lightle   
18 07 2014
Image‘Mindwaves' is The Moons third LP and this one in particular is always a tricky one to carry out. After their debut album ‘Life On Earth' hit the shops, it was greeted with mod comparisons from all directions with screams of Weller and The Beatles reigning in. The LP also harboured some cool ska splashes which really helped to round off the bands knowledge of arguably the greatest era in British music (the 60s).
And then onto the infamous second album, where reputations can crash of burn in an instance but ‘Fable Of History' followed-suit and was a knockout success. It contained more psy tunes but it's at this stage after a band has produced an even better second record, we consider where do The Moons go from here?

‘Mindwaves' is a pleasurable listen - 45 minutes of psychedelic genius. The emotive drum beat twinned with the swirling sounds in ‘Luna', leaves us perched on the edge of our seats wondering what's coming next?

‘Society' contains a real rock n roll edge that is etched with 60s passion, however, screams of Beady Eye, Paul Weller and Miles Kane are just a few names that spring to mind.

The Moons have an air of confidence; cocky almost but in a good way. ‘Mindwaves' is more psychedelic driven than the previous two LP's, which demonstrates their true versatility to produce to spellbinding tracks, ‘Body Snatchers' and ‘Heart And Soul', that will sure go down as fan favourites.

ImageBut the first time we really get to grips with Andy Crofts' voice is in ‘Fever'. The unbreakable blasts of his vocals are mesmerising when he repeats, ‘I've got fever, in my brains', during the chorus. And the kind of swagger in ‘Fever' is followed-up in ‘Vertigo' which has a groovy wholesome beat produced by the thumping drums and is another track vocally executed well by Crofts.

‘Mindwaves' is a full on album which just breaths chilled vibes throughout with its upbeat and free flowing melodies and ‘All In My Mind' and ‘You Can't Slow Me Down',  continue to show no signs of that changing. The sumptuous harmonies in both are hollow, however, ‘All In My Mind' is a slower more psy-pop track, while ‘You Can't Slow Me Down' is faster paced and probably the suits the bands style more. 

There's then a huge shift, ‘Sometimes' is more soulful and drenched in meaning. The soft piano keys etched in soul and power later return on the LPs last track ‘On The Moon' for an alluring close to a wonderful album.  

This album has already seen the birth of some classics but special mentions go to ‘Time's Not Forever' and ‘Rage and Romance'. They're exhilarating and display faultless guitar riffs with incisive vocals. 

‘Mindwaves' is an album The Moons should be proud of, they emulated and improved massively on their previous two LP's and crafted this 12 track record which has their own stamp embossed on it. Psy-rock, psy-mod, call it what you want, The Moons have produced a sterling listen while respecting the work of all other artists in the similar field. 


'Mindwaves' is out on July 21, for more information click here.
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