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Written by Martyn McFadden   
29 10 2004
The Vessels group shotThey've toured with The Bluetones; had 'Single of the Week' on Mark & Lard; their music is being played on Teachers and Eastenders; and they are said to sound like The Velvets, Teenage Fanclub and The Las.

It's sometimes difficult to tell just how big a band are. I've read a load of good things about The Vessels recently and I may be the laziest person employed by FS, but all this was enough to get my ass off the settee, even put down my pipe and slip off my slippers for a night out at The Cluny.

I'd arranged to meet the lads for the craic before the gig, and when I entered the dressing room with Dictaphone and digi in hand, they didn't seem in the best of moods. I cheered them up with the information that the venue wasn't even half full, pulled up a chair, and hit record.

FS: Does constant comparison to The Velvets, Teenage Fanclub and The Las piss you off, or is it good?

Paul Vessel: I don't mind the Teenage Fanclub comparisons at all, because I'm a big fan of TFC and in particular the Grand Prix album - which was excellent.

FS: What's all this about Steve having a Tourettes-like outburst recently, what happened?

Steve Vessel: I can't help it, I just swear like a fucker! Well, the interview we were doing was really shoddy. It was for Japanese TV, and the idea was that you wouldn't hear the question and we'd just speak, so this bloke - who obviously didn't give a monkeys and who was really cold towards us all - pissed me right off. We were relaxed cos it was midday and we'd just had to mime, which isn't really the best thing you have to do in a band. We then had to move into this room, where there was about two people staring at us, it wasn't a nice atmosphere really. Anyway, I swore a bit too much!

FS: So how did you get your music onto Teachers and EastEnders, was it through the label?

Neil Vessel: No, I think it's just that from the limited exposure we've had, we've gained a few fans. We don't know who puts it on, but whoever it is, is doing us a favour, because we get royalties off it as well!

FS: Career wise, where do you see yourselves in a years' time?

Paul Vessel: I don't see why that in a years' time we can't be on the same level as Starsailor or The Thrills. I feel that we're better than both of those bands and it does piss us off that we're not as heard of as them, but then we don't let it get us down. The thing is that our label never put much into building up our profile, so it's been harder to get recognised, get put on the radio, and get publicity.

FS: How did you get on with the Bluetones?

Neil Vessel: Yeah, they're really nice fellas. They're from South London as well,  so we can naturally get on with them! They're really cool. We've been on tour with them before and it's quite good that they've asked us back to tour with them, again off the back of that.

So it seems The Vessels have managed to get so far, but they're frustrated at the speed of their progression and after watching the gig, I can see why. They are far too good to be playing to crowds of under a hundred people. However, the Cluny audience made enough noise for 200 punters, and at the end of the night, everyone was happy and even The Vessels were smiling.

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