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22 02 2018

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Written by Adam Kerr   
19 04 2013

Image I hate these types of games. They don't scare me, in fact, they always leave my seeking entertainment elsewhere. The thing I hate about games like Slender: The Arrival is that, people get scared and thus, the game is good. This is an unfair evaluation really. A game that is good at getting cheap scares always seem to become successful because of websites such as YouTube. Someone records a video of themselves playing a scary game, they react in a humorous way and reach some degree of internet stardom. There is honestly no other reasons games like Slender: The Arrival get popular. There are first-person Indie horror titles out there that offer a lot more for a lot less. Nevertheless, the game is a horror title that scares people, but as an actual game, does it live up to all the hype?


No, it doesn't. It's awful. From a terrible control scheme up to the mundane, repetitive tasks, the game is awful. Firstly, opening doors, what is the point when you can just walk straight through most of them? That's just a terrible lack of testing right there. As I got in the first house, I was staring at a note on wall when the Slenderfella (who kills you if you stare at him for to long) decided that I had been staring at him through this wall and killed me. So, within five minutes of the game beginning, the game already massive flaws, errors that really shouldn't be in the game at all. Leaving the house, we return to a scene similar to the original Slender game, collecting the eight pages. Once this utterly tedious task is done (Slenderbloke is usually behind, so just looking forward means you'll probably avoid him easily). The rest of the games tasks tend to follow the same trend (find a number of something, while avoiding Slendy and friends). The games pace is kind of frustrating for a horror game. Being chased endlessly should be frantic, it should give some sort of urgency, but it's just slow. You can be as lackadaisical as you wish, without a worry of the big, bad Slenderman getting you.


It has one! You play as a woman named Lauren who is searching for her friend Kate. Lauren had arrived at Kate's house to find her missing with Slenderman drawing upon various walls. It's presumed that Lauren has no idea of the Slenderman's presence. The game essentially takes you from your vehicle (chapter 1) to distant radio tower (chapter 5). It's very short, but at times, it;s actually quite interesting, I'll give it that. If I was to give a reason to play this game, the story would certainly be that reason.


It's a terrible game. The gameplay is dreadful, it's painfully repetitive at times and the Slenderman's AI scripting is dreadful. The story is quite good though, I'll give it that, especially to say it's given such a short game time to develop something interesting. The biggest plus of this games is that it proves you don't need hours and hours of cut scenes to tell a good tale, unfortunately, that's where very positive ends.  

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