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18 01 2018

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Written by Chris Thompson   
17 03 2013
ImageIt would take something extraordinary to break the mould these days, we have the rock scene, the folk scene, the acoustic scene, not to mention all in between. But not to be limited by any of these genres are The Lindsay Tin; a new project from the multi-talented Paul Jeans and Paul Christian Patterson.

This endeavour was put in motion less than a year ago, but the group has already released a single, shot a music video and played shows with a number of well-respected UK acts. Realising their own potential, the group expanded to a full 5 man line-up recently in order to achieve a richer live sound, and have already received extensive air-play on Radio Newcastle and 6 Music in recognition of their clear talent and originality.

The band will be launching their debut EP at The Sage, Gateshead on Friday 12 April in front of a crowd of excited, intrigued and hungry fans who, despite the act's recent inception, are strong in both number and loyalty.

I spoke to Jeans and Patterson recently, my questions fuelled not by journalistic courtesy, but genuine personal intrigue into what their sound aims to be, and what their music is about.

With the prominent acoustic/folk scene in the North East at the moment, do you think you fall into that category?

Patterson: We don't try to be, we try to add something different to the normal singer/songwriter type folky thing, not to pigeon-hole anyone, but we try to give it a bit of welly. Punchy guitars and drums, something a bit different really.

You released your single ‘Fire at Will', was that your first effort as a band or did it come about after getting to know each other better musically?

Jeans: We had a few songs before that, but we felt that ‘Fire at Will' had something about it, something the other songs didn't, so that became the frontrunner in a way.

Patterson: It was one of our stronger songs.

Jeans: We actually cut it down quite a bit, it started off at around 6 minutes and was a big music ensemble, but to make it a more polished song we had to make it more of a song than a piece of music per se.

Fire at Will is a great single. The mumbling vocals of Paul Jeans at the song's birth are juxtaposed by the heart string tweaking chorus, which is in truth a brilliant original melody more suited for the final third of a more classical piece of music. The harmonies are pleasing, the acoustic guitar is raw enough without being tinny (excuse the pun), and the overall production and layering of the track is very polished. My only complaint would be that the song is not long enough, just as I am invested in the interlude the song draws to a close, I wanted more!

The B-side ‘I am all that I owe' is just as brilliant. This is a more acoustic effort, with a looped vocal hook and pizzicato of guitar strings. Again, the melody is fantastic, this band triumph at conventional song writing. Jeans' vocals have a real strength to them, whilst still oozing of vulnerability.

I'm a fan of guitar music, I like it loud and proud, but this band is the exception to the rule. With a strong arsenal of songs and accomplished musicians to perform them, The Lindsay Tin have earned their credential of one of the most exciting new acts in the North East. Do everything you can to get yourself down to their show in April.







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