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22 02 2018

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Written by Adam Kerr   
13 02 2013

Image Oh, Dead Space. A game that quite possibly reinvigorated an entire genre of computer games. The Survival/Horror. Dead Space 1 was a masterclass, almost near perfection. It was edgy, it was disturbing. Literally the first thing you read is "Cut off their limbs". An incredible story with more twists than the Ishimura itself! When those factors are entwined with some of the best gameplay you'll ever have the fortune of being able to play and you're onto a sure fire winner. Dead Space 2 then soon comes along, some speculated too soon, to cash in on the originals success. Whether cashing in was a motive or not, Dead Space to surpassed it's predecessor in the eyes of critics and gamers all over the world. Maintaining the same solid gameplay we had experienced in Dead Space, along with another incredible story, all they had to do was getting the horror right. And yes, they got that spot on. But now, just over two years later, Dead Space 3 is with us. Following the story of a frozen planet named Tau Volantis, this is where it all began, some 200 years ago.


I think it'd be best to start with gameplay as it is pretty much the same as 1 and 2. It might sound like good thing, sticking to gameplay which, as I stated before, was "some of the best gameplay you'll have the fortune of being able to play", but it isn't. As much as I love the gameplay, and how smooth it feels, it seems somewhat lackluster. In the game, things are advancing, but the gameplay remains what it was five years ago in the original. It's still good, but it gives the impression that the developers had not really wanted to try something new. A refusal to develop over time is going to cause the game to age a lot quicker than it should.


Although I haven't quite completed the story yet, it's so far so, not so bad. Without giving to much away, the game starts with a codex being wiped some 200 years in the past. A codex which apparently holds the key. Returning to Isaac's present day, Ellie is missing, EarthGov enlist him and Unitologists are trying to kill him will setting a rather high number of necromorphs free, to kill the human race. So there is lot going on, but when you want to save the world, it's not exactly going to be quiet.


So far, Dead Space 3 has been promising. This is where it stops being so. The CO-OP, while admittedly being quite fun, is absolutely dreadful. It's literally just the solo campaign with another guy stuck in. To make matters worse, the game hasn't even been edited to accommodate this guys existence. For example, at the beginning, in the solo campaign Isaac runs down a train and jumps into the Eudora. John Carver (the other playable character) is on board and helps pull Isaac aboard. In the CO-OP version, Isaac and Carver run down the train together. The cut scene then shows Isaac jumping onto the Eudora and, sure enough, John Carver (WHO WAS JUST RUNNING ALONGSIDE YOU) runs down the planes exit to pull Isaac up. You'd think they'd have worked on that at some point. Did it not click that those series of events just made no sense? This basically continues throughout the game. It is fun to play with friends, but the it's incredibly frustrating that they've made this CO-OP campaign so cheaply.

The Horror

Possibly the most important part of the game really. Did they nail it for a third time? Well... No, not really. This game is to the Dead Space series what Resident Evil 5 is to that series. Rather than focusing on the survival or the horror aspect, the game decides it's going to be an action, shoot-em up instead, which disappointing. The introduction of some many characters, the idea of CO-OP removes the terror from the game. The game was scary because Isaac was usually isolated from the crew, left alone to find hordes of the terrifying necromorphs alone. The atmosphere is the same, it's not as edgy, because you don't feel isolated like in the others.


On it's own, this would be a average but pushing good game. As part of the Dead Space series however, it just seems so poor. They've aimed to be more marketable with this. Taking away the epic horror and replacing with action shoot-out's and CO-OP campaigns that don't really work. Not to mention an annoying system which states "Stomp on dead corpses to get items", what it doesn't tell you is, in doing so, you will have a ragdolling body, spinning like crazy round your feet for the next five minutes.

Dead Space 3, although not being a bad game, could have been a lot better than what it was. Gameplay wise, they've made an old system which worked wonders, not work at all. From a horror fans perspective, the game has lost it's edge, and if you were looking forward to CO-OP, well, I'd honestly have to say avoid it.


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