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18 01 2018

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Written by Jack Turner   
17 11 2012

ImageRoss Noble's ‘Mindblender' tour rolled into Newcastle on Tuesday the 13th November. The South-shields born entertainer, previously adopted by the people of Tyneside, marked his North East return with a string of five shows at Newcastle City Hall. Tickets sold impressively well considering the number of dates that were added. Tuesday the 13th marked the first of his five night stint in Newcastle.

As expected, atmosphere on opening night was at a fever pitch. The giant hall, graced by so many top artists over the years, filled up quickly. The promo trailer for Ross Noble's latest project ‘Stitches' projected onto a giant screen as a teaser for those who had already taken their seats. The show itself began with the expected theatrics of one of Britain's most exciting comedians at the moment. Heavy music blasted through the speakers, and the curtain shifted to reveal an extravagant set design featuring a speed gauge, a giant eyeball and several connected pipes. After an extended applause, Ross appeared from the right of the stage and took his place in the centre, sucking up the crowd's appreciation for him.

The early stages of the performance were mainly dominated with interactions with audience members and endless digression. As the performance wore on, very little progress was made in the way of joke-telling. Instead his turn was based heavily around interactions with the audience and improvisation. It became apparent rather quickly that this is the structure he intends to base his performances. That isn't said with the intention of criticising, quite the opposite in fact. The ability to absorb a statement or request and instantly switch that into a joke is incredibly impressive. Cynics could say that the joke is presented to him on a plate, though that would be an ignorant overlook of his talent.

The show was split into two hour-long halves. Each separated by a 15 minute refreshment break. The poor punctuality of punters at the beginning of each half once again provided ammunition to the man on stage. The second half offered more in the way of material, with anecdotes about his early parenthood and family life. A lot of references were made to 80's pop culture, and the audiences failure to register the TV shows, characters and actors he mentioned provided fantastic opportunities for the comedian to critique his audience. As he closed the set, charity donations were asked of the audience and the performance closed with the usual encore, in which he took the opportunity to wrap up any anecdotes which he had failed to finish during the performance due to his countless tangents.

On reflection, the night provided a great deal of laughs. Mainly based on improvisation and random digression. Very little was offered in the way of material, but that did not take away from the genuine comedy talent of Ross Noble.

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