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Willis - Come Get Some PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ian Todd   
29 10 2004

Willis - Come Get SomeLondon singer/songwriter Willis has emerged from London's independent scene to deliver an album of finely crafted, expressive songs that say a lot about the lady behind the lyrics.Invoking the spirit of Joni Mitchel, with the delivery of a more intimate, soulful Grace Slick, 'Come Get Some' defines a singer unafraid of experimenting with her style and delivery, giving her room to express her creativity more freely than many of her contemporaries. It's a very fluid album - each song carries you just that little bit further along the path of Willis' mesmerising narrative. Folk, country, and blues dominate the record, each song dipping to different levels to set the mood. This inability to pinpoint Willis works again in her favour, belying her fine musical education and allowing her to breathe with life. Track five 'The Ballad of Sadie Lee', combines the best of her eclecticism - an Irish-folk beat with a floating, at times soulful wash of vocal. Track nine 'Smokescreen' oozes a seedy-blues into psychedelic very White Rabbit feel, and flows effortlessly into 'The Space Within', a deeply infectious hypnotic mantra. In all, 'Come Get Some' tells the story of a woman determined to maintain her individualism amidst a market that frequently demands conformity. A regular on the London independent record shop scene, her career has progressed alongside her musical education in the best possible way. Her popularity has steadily grown thanks to her earlier, self released EP's, resulting in independent label 679 (new home to The Futureheads) signing her for this, her debut album. A definite bolster to any collection, and a warmly encouraging expression of free spirited-ness in today's mad, mad world.


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