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18 01 2018

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Review: Glenn Wool & Ryan Smith - The Trimmers Arms, South Shields. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Glenn Coyne   
02 09 2010
ImageIt is a truism of the 21st Century to say that Glenns with two n's aren't supposed to be funny (look at, err, Glenn Hoddle for instance).  With this in mind, I approached Glenn Wool's show at The Trimmers Arms in South Shields with a degree of trepidation.

Despite relatively recent appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and 8 Out of 10 Cats, I wasn't massively aware of Glenn Wool's previous work.  That's to say, whilst I recognised his name on the bill, I certainly didn't appreciate the scale of his comedic pedigree.

To describe Wool's material as sagely political would be a fair assessment.  His routine on bankers and how their treatment would have differed had those in question wore hoodies rather than suits, for example, strikes a clear chord with the audience.

His show, however, isn't exclusively political.  Wool's references to sober Glenn, drunk Glenn and cocaine Glenn, for instance, are shelved in between talk of Canada and England.

Ultimately though, Wool's hour-long performance is built upon great anecdotes and perfect delivery, and on this showing, Wool presents himself as an outstanding comedian with the material to match.

Support on the night came from Sunderland's Ryan Smith.  Smith, the winner of Make Em Laugh 2010, presented a concise and polished set, and judging by the audience's reaction, will continue his recent rise to prominence.

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