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18 01 2018

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Review: Chris Cross is Escaping from Reality - Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jamie Stubbs   
17 08 2010
ImageI didn't know what to expect when entering the Voodoo Rooms to catch Chris Cross in his solo Edinburgh show. Unusually for a North East-based act I hadn't previously seen him perform, and only knew vaguely of his contortion tricks and potentially offensive style. However I was handed a flyer from him on the Royal Mile and thought I'd give it a chance; I still can't quite work out whether this was a good move. You can approach this gig from two different perspectives.

The positive angle is that he does have some genuinely funny, dark and twisted lines as well as an array of mind boggling and impressive contortion and escapism tricks. The other, not so positive, angle is found when you focus on the genuine minor sexual assaults, borderline contempt for all women in the audience and the blatancy that Chris Cross was on a concoction of drugs while performing. At times he was unintentionally repeating previous lines and gags, looking back with absolute confusion when no laughter followed, thinking the audience don't understand the line. The man was so wasted he actually couldn't remember what he's just said.

I don't know whether I should have walked out or given the man a standing ovation, as he performed the hour long show with only three slip ups similar to the repetition mentioned previously. Cross is very good at doing what he does in such a state and I think the audience liked him for it. And, to be fair, if he can perform such dangerous tricks like dislocating his arm from his shoulder joint without incident while he's as high as a kite, isn't that really some kind of achievement?

Date of live review: Sunday 15th August

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