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18 01 2018

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Review: Tony Jameson, Andy Wolton & Nick Cranston (Late Night Laughs) - Espionage, Edinburgh. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Dipper   
15 08 2010
ImagePresented by The Laughing Penguin comedy club in Newcastle, Late Night Laughs is a lively, eclectic show from North East based comics Tony Jameson, Andy Wolton and Nick Cranston. Jameson was MC for the Free Fringe show in Edinburgh, and was an amiable host whose off the cuff remarks to the crowd worked well alongside his customary whimsical routines that work especially well with a female audience. His anecdote on the commitment club was a particularly witty piece of observational comedy and possibly Jameson's strongest routine.

Andy Wolton improved his usually suspect delivery and put on a confident performance that helped fulfil the potential of his well written material. Using his racist grandmother as the basis for his intelligent and thought-provoking routines, Wolton's set effortlessly poked fun at the stupidity of bigotry with cleverly written routines. This man speaks the truth.

However, headliner Nick Cranston felt like the weak link in the trio. Though his anecdotes on dating and his routine on Germaine Greer - which produced the best witticism of the night - were polished and effective pieces, Cranston appeared to lack the confidence in his material, instead stumbling his way through the set. It was a shame, because he's so much better than that.

Date of review: Friday 13th August.

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