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18 01 2018

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Review: Make 'Em Laugh Competition 2010 - The Trimmers Arms, South Shields. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Fiona Heydari   
03 08 2010
ImageWho'd have thought South Shields would have such a wealth of comedy talent? The Comedy Bunker, that's who. Friday night saw the comedy club play host to the Make ‘em Laugh 2010 competition at The Trimmers Arms in South Shields. I chuckled through the evening which resulted in Ryan Smith taking home the £200 cash prize. This well-deserved accolade went to an endearing and well-timed performance from young Ryan, his performance well polished and audience ready.

Ryan told very relatable stories about his lonesome northern Grandmother, which struck chords with the local crowd, then went on to dizzy heights with an adolescent exam stress bit. He oozed confident and took ownership of the stage, one of the few that evening to really fill the stage with his mere presence, which is probably down to his background in theatre. This guy could well be on his way up - I can't wait to see how he pans out in a full length set. Easy to relate to and charming; a commercially appealing set.

We then come to the worthy second place Andrea Whittaker, who welcomed the audience to her midlife crises. The crowd were completely behind her as she went through her bemusing experiences of sex, text speak and unusual views about Burkas being the latest fashion movement. Though nervous, Andrea delivered a well prepared and thought out 10 minutes.

The first timer to the stage truly brought the house down, though I believe she was acquainted with much of the crowd, which seemed to spur her on through some nervous times. There was a segment of what I deem to be gratuitous repetition, but the people loved it, so she simple gave them what they wanted - and Andrea certainly had a good go. Her cheeky and candid observations shocked and comforted simultaneously.

However, Chris Errington certainly shouldn't go without mention. His material centred mainly on his father, but came from completely different directions, culminating in his view that his father is his perfect date. Chris took to the stage first, and really got the evening started with such a high standard- though going first appeared to be his curse. Tasked with the job of getting the audience going, Chris was confident and comfortable, but I suspect it was not his first time on stage.

Other competitors included Alistair Greaves, who had a subtle brilliance but didn't seem right for the room; Richard Batt, who told some nice stories about relationships which didn't really spark too much emotion from the crowd; and Dr Carlos (not a real doctor, perhaps not even a real Carlos), who peaked with a song about urine.

I would definitely return to The Comedy Bunker, which takes residence in the restaurant of the Trimmers Arms on the last Friday of every month. While a small room, it is certainly a welcoming room and an enjoyable night.

Having won The Comedy Bunker's Make ‘em laugh 2010 competition, Ryan Smith will be opening for Glenn Wool on 27th August- well worth catching. More information is available from the website below.


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