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Written by Administrator   
27 10 2004

"The First Rule of Manu Chao is, You Do Not Talk About Manu Chao"

Those ‘in the know' were there. At least four hundred punters without tickets turned up with pockets full of cash that they hoped to turn into concert tickets - you know something's afoot when touts are willing to pay four-times face value for a ticket. Just how much were they going to sell them on for? So how did the Edinburgh crowd know about Europe's best kept musical secret? You can't buy his discs in the shops here; the live DVD released everywhere else in the world last year remains unreleased here; and with the exception of last year's Glastonbury appearance, (plus half a dozen warm-up dates for his European mainland dates earlier that year), Senor Chao has had very little to do with this island of ours for the last ten years.

Manu ChaoThose in the know, know. They know a Manu Chao gig promises anywhere between two hours and a whole night of top Reggae, Punk, Ska, Latin and all round diggable sounds - all played with the monitors turned up to 11. Sadly the Edinburgh show lacked the oopmh factor; that indefinable quality Manu brings to his live shows that can leave you believing that music alone can cause the tingly little hairs on the back of your neck to stand up. The Edinburgh crowd didn't let the missing oomph stop them having a great night and hopefully they've inspired the man to add this island to his constant touring schedule. Like his footballing namesakes even on a bad night (and with missing players) ManU's better than most of the opposition.


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