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21 02 2018

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Written by Floatation Suite   
19 08 2004
ImageFloatation Suite is the product of a bunch of people with a passion for music and the arts. Combining the experiences of rock n' rollers, journalists and people ‘in the know', we write our thoughts and feelings, our comment and response to the music we hear and the people we meet along the way.

Created out of the back rooms and smoky daze spent living and breathing the lives of seasoned fans and eclectic-connoisseurs, we bring to you the honest opinion and no bullshit approach to what we think is deserved of your attention.

We like to think of ourselves as an interesting soup for those who love to write, expressing individual passions and unique tastes, rather than a one-dimensional ‘this is the law' type outfit. This ain't no one-stop-shop for guidance on what you should or shouldn't like. Music and the arts world relies on individual taste and appreciation; there is no right answer to any of your questions so don't expect to find one here.

We are not going to tell you what you should be listening to, who you should go out and see, or how to dress yourselves. This is not an excuse to plug in, turn on and cop out! We simply provide a way for people to communicate their ideas to those with a mind open enough to take them in.

So check our site, look out for the gigs we promote, and use us and abuse us as much as you like. We do things we enjoy, with no agenda other than our own satisfaction, so enjoy our hedonism and make it part of your own...


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