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21 02 2018

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This is the place for all your gaming news. Be it the latest game reviews or the freshest info on all the top platforms we'll keep you updated with all the gossip.

Slender: The Arival PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam Kerr   
19 04 2013

Image I hate these types of games. They don't scare me, in fact, they always leave my seeking entertainment elsewhere. The thing I hate about games like Slender: The Arrival is that, people get scared and thus, the game is good. This is an unfair evaluation really. A game that is good at getting cheap scares always seem to become successful because of websites such as YouTube. Someone records a video of themselves playing a scary game, they react in a humorous way and reach some degree of internet stardom. There is honestly no other reasons games like Slender: The Arrival get popular. There are first-person Indie horror titles out there that offer a lot more for a lot less. Nevertheless, the game is a horror title that scares people, but as an actual game, does it live up to all the hype?

BioShock Infinite Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam Kerr   
06 04 2013

Image For each different person on Earth, art means something different. From paintings of flowers and vegetables to ancient Egyptian pyramids, every person loves to gaze endlessly at something. For me, it's computer games. From seeing Mario hopping around his pixelated home on the SNES to exploring the apocalyptic wastelands of Fallout on the Playstation, they're all marvellous in their own way. A lot of people argue that video games cannot be classed as art due to its computerized nature and they're wrong. Just because something is created on a computer doesn't take away from the talent of the people who created the idea in the first place. Back on track though, many games throughout time have left us in awe. Their beauty is something to behold, the ability to create anything and everything is quite remarkable. Places like Rapture and City 17, places so far from reality that yet seem so real. People may say video games cannot be art, that it can not capture the beauty of the traditional style of art. BioShock Infinite may have something to say about that.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam Kerr   
26 03 2013


Image Licensed video games. There was once a time when these were just not accepted, and for a pretty good reason. If we go back, a long way back, into the Atari era, you'll find a game. This game is, even now, considered to being the biggest, money grabbing farce ever. The game was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. In the wake of Steven Spielberg's film of the same name, combined with the video game explosion of the 80's, the game flew off the shelves. The game itself, was a flop. An unplayable mess, clearly designed to cash in on the success of the film title and it worked, selling 1.5 MILLION copies worldwide. Despite being ripped to shreds by critics and fans it started a chain reaction.


Tomb Raider Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam Kerr   
09 03 2013

ImageI think it's safe to say that this March is quite possible the busiest in gaming history. With the highly anticipated BioShock Infinite and God of War: Ascension on the way, added to a list of other excitable titles (especially Activision's version of The Walking Dead), it's certainly a month where money should be spent wisely. Of all the excitement of the games coming to us this month one has already set the bar. That game is Tomb Raider. Of course we all know of Lara Croft and her previous expedition from the original gaming series and succession of terribly produced films. She is quite possibly the most iconic woman in video game history. Rather than build on the old foundations, Crystal Dynamics takes Tomb Raider right to the start, following one of her earliest expeditions. An expedition that leaves the lonesome player and the young Lara Croft right in the centre of the haunting "Dragon's Triangle"...

Dead Space 3 Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam Kerr   
13 02 2013

Image Oh, Dead Space. A game that quite possibly reinvigorated an entire genre of computer games. The Survival/Horror. Dead Space 1 was a masterclass, almost near perfection. It was edgy, it was disturbing. Literally the first thing you read is "Cut off their limbs". An incredible story with more twists than the Ishimura itself! When those factors are entwined with some of the best gameplay you'll ever have the fortune of being able to play and you're onto a sure fire winner. Dead Space 2 then soon comes along, some speculated too soon, to cash in on the originals success. Whether cashing in was a motive or not, Dead Space to surpassed it's predecessor in the eyes of critics and gamers all over the world. Maintaining the same solid gameplay we had experienced in Dead Space, along with another incredible story, all they had to do was getting the horror right. And yes, they got that spot on. But now, just over two years later, Dead Space 3 is with us. Following the story of a frozen planet named Tau Volantis, this is where it all began, some 200 years ago.



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