21 02 2018

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Louder Than Bombs
Written by Sheila Seacroft   
09 05 2016
ImageJoachim Trier

Joachim Trier's earlier films made in his native Norwegian, Reprise and Oslo August 31st, are both soaked through with hurt and depression and this, his first foray into English language is no different. Isabelle (Isabelle Huppert) is a celebrated war photographer, already dead when the film begins, but appearing in dreams and flashbacks as a haunting and haunted presence in the lives of her husband and sons. Three years after her death a memoir by her journalist colleague is about to be published, and the prospect of this and the truths that will come out with it brings the unresolved feelings of her family to the surface. 

Requiem for a Film Festival
Written by Sheila Seacroft   
22 02 2016
ImageA statue of JB Priestley, author and champion of the North, stands on a slope above the centre of Bradford, looking out over his city, coat tails flapping in the brisk Yorkshire wind. At his back is the still impressive purpose-built National Media Museum. Well, purpose-built as the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, which was its original designation. Mission creep turned those words and concepts into ‘Media' in 2006, and chances are that it will now eventually become the National Museum of Science, North. Priestley's statue, conventionally-clad though it is, oozes the purposeful oomph and creativity that made Bradford, like other northern towns, full of that energy and enquiry that fired development and innovation in the past. If the great man looked behind him now, he'd be more than sad.
A Bigger Splash
Written by Sheila Seacroft   
20 02 2016

ImageDirected by Luca Guadagnino

Like his previous film I Am Love, Guadagnino's latest runs you through with sensual pleasure. However grey and soggy the weather outside, whatever emotional torpor sits on your soul, however much your ageing bones creak and complain and your old eyes water in the wind, you step out from the cinema with a new delight in life and a grin almost as big and shiny as Ralph Fiennes' ear-wide gleaming choppers. At least I do. Not that it's an uncomplicated, sunny film, not at all. I Am Love was just that, a portrait of love so powerful that you were immersed in it, experiencing rather than observing. Here there are more complicated emotions and serious issues at work.

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